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We are glad to share that Agnieszka has been invited to present her ERC grant to the President of the EU Parliament and the President of the EU Commission, among other MEPs, officials and high-level scientists.

Additionally, she will take part in the exchange sessions "Science policy, communication and global networking" and in the plenaries on 31st of May.


Keynote in Krakow

On 19th of April, at the ETEE conference in Krakow, Poland, Agnieszka Wykowska presented a joint keynote with Giorgio Metta. The researchers talked about iCub – an excellent example of openness in research and education. Agnieszka talked about her approach to human-robot interaction from the perspective of cognitive neuroscience; while Giorgio talked about robotics and AI.

In a nutshell, they highlighted how beneficial it is to build a world-wide community centered around a common project, and how this is possible thanks to open science. Moreover, they stressed the added value of truly interdisciplinary research.

[Full gallery here]


New preprint out
Eye contact plays a crucial role in social interaction. It is the step before gaze following and sharing of attention. Using the gaze cueing paradigm with a humanoid robot we investigate the impact of eye contact on gaze guided attention.

For more details check out our most recent work on the link below


Slides from Neuroscience4HRI workshop
We have uploaded to the presentations of all the contributors, including the keynote. If you missed our workshop please have a look at the webpage for more information.


Last week in Chicago it took place the workshop "Cognitive and Social Neuroscience Methods for HRI", in conjunction with the HRI 2018 conference. The workshop was organized by S4hri_iit together with @iCub facility and Bangor University and the University of Glasgow. We had a very inspiring keynote from Tony Belpaeme, seven great talks, and a rich and fruitful discussion. 

We keep moving towards HRI research based on social and cognitive neuroscience methods. Thanks to all the contributors and attendees for their participation. 

See you next time!!!


New publication
We are happy to share the new paper "Robot Faces that Follow Gaze Facilitate Attentional Engagement and Increase Their Likeability". The year just started and we are looking for more.

Full text here.


New Webpage
We are very happy to share with you our webpage. All the latest news will be updated here. Looking forward to share with you all the good news.

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