Work Packages

  • WP1

    Identifying human-like characteristics of behaviour

    WP1 focuses on several generic (non-social) behavioural characteristics that make a given behaviour appear human-like and that might facilitate adopting the intentional stance towards a robot.

  • WP2

    Inferring communicate intentions from observed behaviour

    Centred on inferring communicative intentions from social gestures. WP2 investigates the degree of social attunement dependent on the types of intentions that are read out from the observed behaviour.
  • WP3

    The impact of culture on mind attribution and social attunement

    We will use the same robot with identical behavioural characteristics in Asia and Europe to examine the sole impact of culture on attribution of mind.
  • WP4

    Familiarity and experience with robots and the likelihood of adopting the intentional stance

    This work package aims at answering the question of whether the likelihood of adopting the intentional stance changes with familiarity with robots.
Work Packages

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